BattleHand MOD Exp 1.1.1 APK terbaru

BattleHand MOD Exp 1.1.1 APK terbaru

BattleHand MOD Exp 1.1.1 APK terbaru : Selamat malam dan selamat datang di Pada kesempatan kali ini saya akan share tentang game android dengan mod tentunya. Pada kali ini saya akan share game dengan judul BattleHand MOD Exp 1.1.1 APK terbaru. Game ini sangat menarik. Jadi langsung saja simak review dari saya.

BattleHand MOD Exp 1.1.1 APK terbaru adalah game android yang diterbitkan oleh Kongregate. game ini adalah salah satu game bergenre role playing yang sangat terkenal di google playstore. Cara bermain game ini adalah membangung sebuah kerajaan dengan pasukan tempur yang kuat. Seperti yang saya katakan diatas dan seperti biasa menyediakan dengan fitur tambahan yaitu mod. Jadi tunggu apalagi silakan lihat kebawah hingga screenshot dan link downloadnya.

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BattleHand MOD Exp 1.1.1 APK terbaru

Join the battle! Recruit your team of heroes, lead powerful attacks, and defeat the evil minions of Queen Amethyst during this habit-forming and liberated to play 3D action RPG!
The alarming Queen has awoken and together with her, the foul creatures that lie at a lower place the peaceful land of FellCrest. however all isn't lost! The forgotten heroes of this land United Nations agency had back then place up their swords and bows area unit back and prepared to fight in pursuit of honor and justice!

These brave elves, mages, and fighters should notice their ancient weapons, learn recent battle spells, and are available along to defeat the evil forces of Queen Amethyst.

  • - Epic free-to-download strategy journey RPG (Role taking part in Game)
  • - Recruit and train a military of legendary Heroes to require to victory!
  • - Unlock and upgrade distinctive special moves for every Hero
  • - Multiple battle modes, together with Player vs Player challenges and survival modes
  • - Collect, level up and evolve powerful cards on your thanks to build the proper BattleHand
  • - journey through mystical lands, discover new locations and defeat despicable creatures!
  • - good your combat strategy mistreatment elemental strengths and weaknesses for all Heroes       and Villains
  • - Complete epic quests for pungent cheese and stardust!
  • - beautiful 3D animation and straightforward to find out military science combat
What's new v1.1.1
  • Good people of FellCrest,
    - Put your Heroes to work and earn some extra loot in brand new timed Bounties!
    - Test your decks against your Guildmates’ heroes with friendly Duel battles!
    - You can now control traits and aggression level in auto battle!
    - Improvements for Guild chat, bug fixes and more! Head to our Forum for more details.
What's MOD
  • 789789 Exp every time you feed a card.
  • Experience needed to level cards is set to 1.

How to Install
  1. Download the game
  2. Install game APK
  3. Jika ada datanya (obb file) taruh di memory/android/OBB/taruh disini
  4. Open the game
  5. Wait and happy gaming

BattleHand MOD Exp 1.1.1 APK terbaru

BattleHand MOD Exp 1.1.1 APK terbaru

Bagaimana game BattleHand MOD Exp 1.1.1 APK terbaru yang saya share kali ini? Bagi pecinta game BattleHand MOD Exp 1.1.1 APK terbaru tidak ada salahnya mencoba game ini bagi yang belum punya. Bagi yang sudah punya download lagi disini karena ada tambahan fitur yaitu MOD. Jadi dengan begitu memudahkan agan sekalian bermain dan menamatkan game ini.

Demikian post BattleHand MOD Exp 1.1.1 APK terbaru pada kesempatan kali ini. Semoga work dan sukses tidak ada gangguan dan force close. Terimakasih sudah singgah di post BattleHand MOD Exp 1.1.1 APK terbaru kali ini. Saya mohon maaf apabila ada salah kata. Sekali lagi terimakasih dan happy gaming!


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